1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Quick SIM search


Today we're rolling out a keyboard shortcut that makes finding SIMs quicker without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Cmd+K / Ctrl+K brings up a quick search box to find a SIM and directs you to the SIM detail page from anywhere in the Terminal.

Wherever you are in the Terminal, you can bring up the search box by using the same keyboard shortcut.

SLEEP status is merged with OFFLINE status

We merged SLEEP and OFFLINE statuses. 1oT Terminal now only displays the OFFLINE status as SLEEP will be discontinued.

How might this affect you?

  • If you don't have any SIMs in SLEEP status, it will not affect you.
  • If you have some SIMs in SLEEP, the SIMs will be automatically converted to OFFLINE status.

In no scenario will your costs increase. They either remain the same or decrease.

  • The OFFLINE status will have the same monthly fee as you had with SLEEP status. The monthly cost of SLEEP status is applied to OFFLINE SIMs.

From today, you cannot put SIMs to SLEEP status. Instead, the OFFLINE status will remain the only status for deactivating SIMs and data allowance.

  • Any Workflow automation events that currently put SIMs to SLEEP status will be converted to put the SIMs to OFFLINE status instead.
  • In the API, OFFLINE and SLEEP status will also be merged. If you send in a request to put the SIM to SLEEP status, it will still work. But the SIM will go to OFFLINE status.
  • OFFLINE will be the only status that deactivates data/SMS usage and stops SIMs from pinging the network for any updates.

Fixes & improvements

  • Unified the colour scheme across Terminal





Savvier filtering in SIMs view


You can now filter out SIMs in a new status due to automated action since the last login. Or SIMs, which transaction is still pending, meaning that it has not been completed yet.

You can see all described SIMs or find SIMs with a specific event.

Improvements and fixes

  • ​​Fixes toast notifications overlaying the menu dropdown
  • Fixes date picker’s dates which were shown under the wrong weekday due to different standards of the beginning of the new week



Fixes and improvements from March 16

We're excited to let you know that we've made minor updates to the 1oT Terminal.

  • eSIM management page now has proper search and filtering capabilities
  • API app & documentation page has a new design for a smoother experience
  • Fixed a bug where a user could create a SIM group without naming it



Small improvements

The team has been busy building an internal customer and SIM inventory management system for our customer success and support team.

Additionally, we're making this available to licensing partners, so they can use it to manage their customers as well.

We're constantly working to make our platform better, and we appreciate your feedback along the way. We have a few things to announce very soon.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a new "over x MB for y Days" rule to the Workflow automation app
  • Improved how the date picker works across SIMs view and SIM (ICCID) detail page. The selected period is applied cohesively across multiple pages and charts when navigating different Terminal pages.
  • Made changes to how the pages and information are loaded from different databases to avoid the whole page failing to load if there's a problem with one of the microservices.



See your deployments on a world map

map + data (1).png

We released a new dashboard for all customers at the beginning of January. Now we're adding a world map to see all the deployments visually. Plus, you can see the top five countries based on data consumption next to it.

Other improvements

  • Improved loading of data table and charts of the new Analytics app
  • Fixed minor bugs of SIM selection step in eSIM profile swap flow
  • Updated the look of toast notifications (success and fail messages)
  • Moved large video files to S3 (in AWS) to improve performance
  • Unified the design and functionality of filter component across all pages



New Analytics app


View demo

We have completely overhauled the analytics app in Terminal.

The goal of the analytics app improvements was to provide a more thorough analysis of data consumption, connectivity costs and deployment across all SIM inventory. The app has two components — a chart and a detailed table. The detailed table reflects whatever is shown on a chart on a SIM level.

After selecting a metric to analyse, you can choose the visible period and compare it to the previous period. For better analysis, you can toggle between line charts or column charts. In addition, you can filter to see a specific portion of the inventory

  • look for specific SIMs by ICCID or EID
  • look for SIMs in exact status or in a particular country
  • add minimum and maximum thresholds for consumption or SMS sending.

Plus, you can download all the data if you want to do some number crunching in Excel (or anywhere else).

The new Analytics app design is available for all customers. Go to the app store to enable it for your workspace.




Other improvements

  • You can now rename existing SIM groups with one-click



Workflow automation supports SIM status changes


We introduced a new powerful trigger for the workflow automation app. You can now use the change of SIM status to trigger an automated workflow. If a SIM goes from one status to another, you can set up an automatic action — some identification modification with the SIM or receive a notification via email or Slack message.




Other improvements

  • Mobile view now supports searching by MSISDN
  • We made the alerts page substantially faster by only showing the events from the ongoing month.
  • 1oT Terminal API now supports moving the SIMs from SHIPPING status to TEST status. TEST status is available upon special request from your account manager.





All new dashboard in 1oT Terminal


We released an updated dashboard for all 1oT customers. You can now see the latest alerts because sometimes things happen, you must react, so seeing them quickly is necessary.

The main charts are an overview of your SIM inventory in different statuses, a consumption overview and a quick indication of connectivity costs with a cost per SIM reference.

We have a few more refinements waiting to be released for the dashboard. Keep your eyes open but meanwhile, share feedback on how you find the new dashboard.




Updates to 1oT eSIM

  • Data sessions with Vivo carrier profile now include exact SIM location, IMEI, radio access technology and if the data session is ongoing or not
  • Introduced a new eSIM carrier to all customers. Go to the eSIM management tool to see the carrier and where it shines with its coverage

Other improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the “Apply filter” button sometimes didn’t show up when changing the date filter in SIMs overview page
  • Fixed a bug where the SIMs search field was empty, but you applied the previous filter, therefore showing wrong results in SIMs overview page
  • Added a voice call duration column to the SIMs view table and made it visible in all downloadable reports
  • Improved how input fields of dropdown work — they are now active by default, meaning that you can start writing (searching) without doing the second click in the field
  • Implemented failsafe measures against brute force attacks to protect the 1oT Terminal from malicious actors who try to log in via scripts



SIM detail view redirect

SIM detail view supports using the ICCID as the URL parameter, even though the page itself uses an internal SIM_ID in the URL.

For instance, if the user sets https://terminal.1ot.mobi/redirect/sim?iccid=8020000000000000006 as the URL, Terminal knows to redirect that to https://terminal.1ot.mobi/web/sim/1727497 instead.

That's pretty useful when Terminal users are developing their own internal dashboard and want to link to a specific SIM page from their own dashboard

Other improvements

  • Improved the user experience around adding new users if the company owner already exists



1oT Terminal now has a changelog

This is the first entry in our changelog. The purpose of the changelog is to keep a written record of what updates have been made to the 1oT Terminal. It will be updated whenever there are new releases.

Release notes from the 18th of November 2021

TEST status in 1oT Terminal

Terminal supports a TEST status. The aim of the TEST status is to give a small amount of data (e.g. 20 kbs) free of charge to carry out connectivity tests during manufacturing. The TEST status can be used for 180 days or until the free allowance is used up. After that the SIMs automatically move to LIVE status in the Terminal and become billable.

Other improvements

  • In the Terminal event log, you can now see who added notes to SIM and when SMS templates were added or edited
  • Data limits can now be set to less than 1MB. Previously we did not support data limits lower than 1MB
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements to the user experience overall