1oT changelog
1oT changelog

New Analytics app


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We have completely overhauled the analytics app in Terminal.

The goal of the analytics app improvements was to provide a more thorough analysis of data consumption, connectivity costs and deployment across all SIM inventory. The app has two components — a chart and a detailed table. The detailed table reflects whatever is shown on a chart on a SIM level.

After selecting a metric to analyse, you can choose the visible period and compare it to the previous period. For better analysis, you can toggle between line charts or column charts. In addition, you can filter to see a specific portion of the inventory

  • look for specific SIMs by ICCID or EID
  • look for SIMs in exact status or in a particular country
  • add minimum and maximum thresholds for consumption or SMS sending.

Plus, you can download all the data if you want to do some number crunching in Excel (or anywhere else).

The new Analytics app design is available for all customers. Go to the app store to enable it for your workspace.




Other improvements

  • You can now rename existing SIM groups with one-click