1oT changelog
1oT changelog

A whole new SIMs view is finally here


After months of hard work, a new way of managing SIMs is available. We have made important and minor updates and changes, which will be demonstrated in a comprehensive video soon.

New and more comprehensive filter options


First, we added all the missing filters so that every column in the 1oT terminal can be filtered. This change meant that we had to rethink the filtering experience.

Instead of seeing lots of filters at the top of the page, you can start filtering by clicking the button next to the search box.

The great thing about this filter is that sometimes you don’t want to include 5 data packages, you want to exclude one. This can now be done by selecting is or is not.

Filter_is or is not.jpg

If you don’t always want to click on the filter button, you can also filter directly from the column header.

Filtered views for quick access

Filtered views.jpg

You can save views based on filters to return to them later. With this feature, you can quickly access problematic SIM cards that need constant monitoring or keep an eye on a deployment in a new country.

Saving a filtered view creates a tab at the top of the workspace where you can navigate between all SIMs or a specific view.

Customizing the summary row

You can now hide or show the summary metrics that are important to you and see an indicative trend metric that compares the current timeline selection with the previous period.

Introducing a context menu

Context menu.jpg

The original innovation of 1oT Terminal’s SIMs views added all SIM-related actions to the table next to the metrics and information.

Over time, the available content in the SIMs view has expanded so that there are many columns to navigate.

We've introduced a context menu that allows you to quickly reset a SIM or send an SMS by right-clicking on the SIM row the cursor hovers over. If you select multiple SIMs, you can also use the right-click context menu for bulk actions.

Lots of fine-tuning and focus on the details

We have tweaked all the details of the new SIM view to make SIM management as smooth as possible:

  • Added a new loading animation
  • Updated the search input field
  • Fixed the table at the top of the page
  • Made selecting the date range more intuitive with a manual input option
  • Made grouping, labeling or changing data limits within the table clearer
  • Made bulk action selections instantly available.

Improvements and fixes:

  • All settings and Terminal-related preferences are now on a single settings page, accessible from the top right corner.