1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Better control over the visibility of apps for sub-clients


We've made a lot of updates to the Sub-client app recently. But the more we see how the app is used, the more things we find that we can improve.

Today, we're enabling more control over app visibility for sub-clients. Instead of choosing to show all apps or none, you can now select specific apps to be visible to sub-clients.

You can also now see which apps each sub-client enables and the associated costs.

Improvements and fixes:

  • The SIM selection component has been improved and standardized across the 1oT Terminal. The next time you select a batch of SIMs to complete eSIM transactions, apply workflow automation, or move SIMs from one data package to another, the component will look and work the same. You can also better understand how many SIMs have been selected.
  • A saving logic for toggles has been implemented in the Sub-client app, so you have to click Save to keep your preferences.