1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Introducing automated eSIM testing

eSIM Test App.png

As another step in our journey to simplify eSIM management, we're introducing an automatic eSIM test function. It ensures that your larger deployments with 1oT are successful and smooth.

The eSIM test is an important step of successful eSIM deployment and must be completed with one card and cellular module before performing transactions with a wider fleet.

The test is performed using a dedicated test profile and goes through all eSIM transactions, including downloading, enabling, deactivating, and deleting a profile on an eSIM.

To begin the test, you need to:

  • know the EID number of the particular card;
  • share the model of the cellular module
  • make sure the APN is configured correctly;
  • turn the eSIM to the "LIVE" status

When the automated process starts, the respective eSIM is set to download, activate and finally delete the test profile.

If the test fails, you and our technical team will receive an email with the error details, and a specialist will take care of the matter on 1oT's side.

If the test is successful, you will receive a confirmation email, and you are free to swap telecom profiles on your eSIMs!