1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Introducing multiple delivery addresses

delivery option (1).png

Each account can now store multiple delivery addresses for receiving SIMs. This simplifies ordering SIMs through the Terminal and makes communication between you and your account manager much more efficient.

In the company settings, you can add delivery addresses for each of your branches or factories and specify the person who should receive the delivery. Now when you order SIMs, you can easily tell us which facility to deliver them to.

Improvements to automatic eSIM testing

Thanks to feedback, we have made significant improvements to the automatic eSIM testing app.

  • You can now run an eSIM test multiple times with the same eSIM card
  • You can filter eSIMs that have passed the eSIM test on the eSIM management page
  • We have improved the handling of failed tests and made the system more robust
  • We now show and bundle all the small steps that happen during eSIM transactions

Fixes and improvements

  • We are now sending a confirmation email when SIMs are ordered from 1oT Terminal
  • We have improved the rounding of the figures for costs and data consumption in the monthly email report
  • You can now see in the event log why the "test" status has expired. Either because the allowed data has been consumed or because the trial period has expired.
  • You can toggle between the current and new prices per data package if you have agreed with your account manager that prices will change and they take effect in the coming month(s).
  • Fixed an error where in some cases you could not edit the registration and VAT number fields of the second business unit