1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Keep track of your SIM orders on 1oT Terminal

SIM orders cover.png

As the first update of 2023, we introduced the SIM orders view on 1oT Terminal. Meaning, now all of your previous SIM orders are visible on your company invoices page.

The SIM orders view shows a variety of details about the order:

  • Shipping date
  • Type of SIM ordered (eUICC or UICC)
  • SIM form factor
  • Quantity of SIMs

Additionally, you are able to search for a specific SIM order by its order ID and export orders either one-by-one or in bulk if needed.

Fixes and improvements

  • Some security features, such as IP whitelisting and Two-Factor-Authentication, are now free of charge and available for all customers. You can find them under company settings.
  • You can now move SIMs to LIVE status from Shipping status with the Workflow Automation app.
  • You can now download your invoices as an Excel file.