1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Prepaid billing option on 1oT Terminal


We are pleased to announce that 1oT Terminal's billing logic has undergone a significant upgrade, and we now support prepayment.

This allows you to pay for connectivity services in advance, making it easier to stay connected. You can now transfer money to the Terminal account beforehand, and the correct amount will be automatically deducted from your balance when a billable event occurs.

The functionalities include:

  • Automating your payments by setting up a prepaid balance renewal via credit card or a PayPal account;
  • You can still pay by invoice, and the selected amount will be automatically added to the user’s Terminal account balance;
  • Setting a percentage threshold for alerts so you are notified whenever the balance falls below the set limit.

Not only does this make it easier to keep a large number of SIM cards connected, but it's also protection against additional costs that can occur when IoT device malfunctions and consumes a large amount of data or sends thousands of SMS messages in a short period of time.

It is important to note that nothing changes in pricing with the introduction of a prepaid model. Unless you switch to the prepayment model from account settings, you will continue to receive a monthly bill for the services.