1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Securing your IoT devices with IMEI lock

IMEI lock.png

Today we're rolling out a highly requested IMEI lock feature as part of the Diagnostics app.

The importance of this function comes from the fact that users can lock the use of SIM to a specific device identified by its IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity - a serial number assigned to the cellular module by the manufacturer).

This way, an unwanted person who's gained access to your device won't be able to misuse your SIM by plugging it into another device, as the SIM will be automatically put offline when we identify a new IMEI.

This is how it works:

  • Enabling/disabling the IMEI lock is done in the SIMs view of the Terminal after activating the Diagnostics app. Changes to the IMEI lock can be made via the API.
  • IMEI lock can be enabled for each SIM individually or as a bulk action on the "Edit SIM attributes" tab.
  • When the IMEI changes, the SIM is automatically set "offline" on the terminal and therefore cannot perform data sessions until the user allows it. A notification is sent to the customer that the IMEI lock has been triggered, containing information about the old and the new IMEI number.

Additional improvements to the Diagnostics app

  • IMEI numbers are automatically found and attached to SIM cards, reducing the manual work required to assign the number to each card.
  • You can automatically see the model of the cellular module based on the IMEI number. This makes it easier to find the device's cellular module and streamlines troubleshooting.
  • All functions of the Diagnostics app are now standardised for all telecom profiles, resolving the issue that the app worked differently for some profiles.

Introducing the IMEI number field to all customers

If you have not yet enabled the Diagnostics app, you can still add an IMEI number to any SIM card. This must be done manually, but you can do it in bulk or add it one by one. The IMEI field without the Diagnostics app works similarly to the SIM name, i.e. it can be used to identify a specific card.

Remember that although you've added IMEI numbers to the SIM cards, without the Diagnostics app you cannot lock IMEI with a specific SIM card.