1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Split invoices between different business units


We've added an option to split monthly invoices among different business units. You can create business units for invoices on the "Company Settings" page.

SIMs can be assigned to each business unit by linking them via a data package selection. At the end of the month, we create separate invoices based on the data and SMS usage of the assigned SIMs.

Let's say your company operates in multiple countries and has different business entities in each of those countries, while managing all SIM cards on one platform - 1oT Terminal. Now, instead of receiving one invoice for one company and billing the other business units, you can receive separate invoices from 1oT for each division. This way, you have less manual work to do, and it is easier to see the costs of each business unit.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where you could skip selecting an automated action when creating date-based workflow automation;
  • We're now showing the cellular module model under "Device info" based on the IMEI code. This applies only to users who have subscribed to the Diagnostics app.