1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Tags are now called Labels

Tags to labels.png

We have made progress in our mission to redesign the SIMs view, making it easier and more intuitive to manage thousands of SIMs.

Today, we released some updates to polish the SIMs table itself:

  • We renamed "Tags" to "Labels," but the functionality remains unchanged. You can still add one or more labels to SIMs to make managing them easier with bulk actions or have a better overview when analyzing stock.
  • We updated the design of the pill components, making them look crisper. This affects the SIM status and labels in the SIMs view table.
  • We improved how the editable fields look when editing content like SIM name, data, or SMS limit straight in the SIMs view table.

Improvements and fixes:

  • We added a new API endpoint to move SIMs from one data package to another.
  • We updated the copy of automatic emails to notify you of any delay in changing SIM status. Once the problem is resolved, you will also receive an email confirming the SIM status change.
  • We made the file upload engine faster.
  • In multi-step creation flows (such as SIM order, creating new workflow automation, or sub-client), the progress bar displaying your progress is now sticky at the top of the page.
  • Adding a new user to the Sub-client now takes place on the overview page instead of directing to the dedicated sub-client page.