1oT changelog
1oT changelog

The new and improved Data packages page

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We are excited to announce the updated Data Packages page. After months of hard work and improvements, it not only shows the price list and ongoing charges, but also helps to make better decisions on optimizing data packages.

Better overview of pricing and ongoing fees

The Data Packages page has been extensively updated to better summarize your packages.

For example, we have added a summary row that shows the number of data packages on all your SIM cards and the current usage in the billing cycle. In addition, a table lists all data packages associated with your account and gives you an overview of the package and SIM types, as well as the SIM statuses.

Pooled packages overview.png

Those who prefer prepaid billing can now check their balance on the Data Packages page, which is more convenient than the Settings page.

Pooled packages overview-1.png

If you have a pooled data package, you can monitor its usage during the billing cycle and get feedback on whether you are using too much data or if the data pool is too large and underutilized.

Updated detail pages for data packages

You can now view usage for the last six months and an overview of each cost category, such as base fees, SMS charges, or data consumption fees.

6 months.png

For customers with a pooled data package, the same bar chart is displayed for the current billing cycle, with suggestions on how to optimize your costs if you use less or are at risk of exceeding the agreed pool. You can also view the pool consumption for the last six months and assess whether the size of the data pool is appropriate and optimized.

pooled overview.png

Improvements and fixes

  • You can filter by Radio Access Technology (2G, 3G, 4G etc) on data package's pricing tab
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to change the SIM type when ordering new SIMs after a misclick
  • When opening the Analytics app, the default time range is the beginning of the current month up to the present day