1oT changelog
1oT changelog

White label the sub-client app interface


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We are pleased to announce a significant update to the sub-client app. The sub-client app allows you to control what your clients can access in terms of SIM management and which SIM cards they can view.

After activating the sub-client app, you create a sub-client company and assign specific SIM cards they can access and control. It is important to note that you still own the SIM cards and have full access to Terminal. However, the sub-client can only see the SIM cards assigned to their account.

Now you can customize the look of 1oT Terminal with your logo and remove all references to 1oT. This is called white labeling the sub-client layer.

If you choose to do so, you can customize the platform to display your company name and logo and provide a support email that appears in multiple areas of the platform. And your customers can manage their SIMs from the URL connectivityplatform.com.

Fixes and improvements

  • You can edit the title of KPI metrics, which helps you identify the metric by title when tracking the same metric for different groups of SIMs.
  • Migrated the API documentation page to the new web