1oT changelog
1oT changelog

Separate SIM order invoices from monthly invoices

You can now request your account manager to create SIM order invoices that are separate from your monthly connectivity invoices.

SIM order invoices are helpful when you want to keep your product manufacturing costs separate from your monthly connectivity fees or when you want us to send the SIM Order invoices directly to your production partner.

Improvements and fixes:

  • In SIMs view, pressing "Enter" in the search bar will refresh the results, so you can check if anything about the filtered SIMs has changed.
  • We made all the tables across 1oT Terminal unified and sleeker.
  • We improved and unified the design for radio buttons and checkboxes.





Improved SIM detail view is live

SIM detail view.jpg

We are excited to announce that after a month and a half of hard work, we have improved daily SIM management by introducing a detailed view of SIMs.

The most significant change is the improved layout of the information.

Common actions such as changing the SIM status, resetting a SIM, or sending an SMS are easily accessible at the top of the page.

In addition, the "most recent" data session is now separated from the historical log of all data sessions. You can also see if the SIM card is in a session in the "Last connection" section.

Bringing all of the information to one place

To reduce the time spent searching, we have collected all the information about the SIM card and divided it into different tabs — connection, usage, eSIM, and configurations.

You can also find additional details about the SIM itself, including form factor, chipset, manufacturer, and a download option for the SIM datasheet, which provides complete information. In addition, you can navigate to the linked data package with a single click.

SIM detail view_eSIMs.jpg

Other updates

  • You can now easily view all data sessions with accompanying charts showing individual sessions and trends in data usage or SMS.
  • In addition, you can now activate and delete profiles for eSIMs without going to the eSIM management tool.
  • The filters and search results on the SIM overview page are retained when you return to the SIM view.

Improvements and fixes:

  • A filter for cellular modules based on IMEI has been added to the SIM view
  • Networks are grouped by country in the SIM detail view filter.
  • Updated the look of all toasts and alerts





A whole new SIMs view is finally here


After months of hard work, a new way of managing SIMs is available. We have made important and minor updates and changes, which will be demonstrated in a comprehensive video soon.

New and more comprehensive filter options


First, we added all the missing filters so that every column in the 1oT terminal can be filtered. This change meant that we had to rethink the filtering experience.

Instead of seeing lots of filters at the top of the page, you can start filtering by clicking the button next to the search box.

The great thing about this filter is that sometimes you don’t want to include 5 data packages, you want to exclude one. This can now be done by selecting is or is not.

Filter_is or is not.jpg

If you don’t always want to click on the filter button, you can also filter directly from the column header.

Filtered views for quick access

Filtered views.jpg

You can save views based on filters to return to them later. With this feature, you can quickly access problematic SIM cards that need constant monitoring or keep an eye on a deployment in a new country.

Saving a filtered view creates a tab at the top of the workspace where you can navigate between all SIMs or a specific view.

Customizing the summary row

You can now hide or show the summary metrics that are important to you and see an indicative trend metric that compares the current timeline selection with the previous period.

Introducing a context menu

Context menu.jpg

The original innovation of 1oT Terminal’s SIMs views added all SIM-related actions to the table next to the metrics and information.

Over time, the available content in the SIMs view has expanded so that there are many columns to navigate.

We've introduced a context menu that allows you to quickly reset a SIM or send an SMS by right-clicking on the SIM row the cursor hovers over. If you select multiple SIMs, you can also use the right-click context menu for bulk actions.

Lots of fine-tuning and focus on the details

We have tweaked all the details of the new SIM view to make SIM management as smooth as possible:

  • Added a new loading animation
  • Updated the search input field
  • Fixed the table at the top of the page
  • Made selecting the date range more intuitive with a manual input option
  • Made grouping, labeling or changing data limits within the table clearer
  • Made bulk action selections instantly available.

Improvements and fixes:

  • All settings and Terminal-related preferences are now on a single settings page, accessible from the top right corner.





Holiday spirit at the 1oT Terminal

1oT Terminal.jpeg

Improvements and Fixes:

  • You can now perform multiple eSIM compatibility tests with the same eSIM card
  • We improved the display of eSIM compatibility test logs to provide a better overview
  • The SIM list export file can now also contain information about SMS limits
  • We save you a few seconds when copying and pasting the 2FA code, as the input field is immediately active when you see it
  • We have fixed a bug with the navigation bar that sometimes occurred when the browser was resized



Better control over the visibility of apps for sub-clients


We've made a lot of updates to the Sub-client app recently. But the more we see how the app is used, the more things we find that we can improve.

Today, we're enabling more control over app visibility for sub-clients. Instead of choosing to show all apps or none, you can now select specific apps to be visible to sub-clients.

You can also now see which apps each sub-client enables and the associated costs.

Improvements and fixes:

  • The SIM selection component has been improved and standardized across the 1oT Terminal. The next time you select a batch of SIMs to complete eSIM transactions, apply workflow automation, or move SIMs from one data package to another, the component will look and work the same. You can also better understand how many SIMs have been selected.
  • A saving logic for toggles has been implemented in the Sub-client app, so you have to click Save to keep your preferences.



Tags are now called Labels

Tags to labels.png

We have made progress in our mission to redesign the SIMs view, making it easier and more intuitive to manage thousands of SIMs.

Today, we released some updates to polish the SIMs table itself:

  • We renamed "Tags" to "Labels," but the functionality remains unchanged. You can still add one or more labels to SIMs to make managing them easier with bulk actions or have a better overview when analyzing stock.
  • We updated the design of the pill components, making them look crisper. This affects the SIM status and labels in the SIMs view table.
  • We improved how the editable fields look when editing content like SIM name, data, or SMS limit straight in the SIMs view table.

Improvements and fixes:

  • We added a new API endpoint to move SIMs from one data package to another.
  • We updated the copy of automatic emails to notify you of any delay in changing SIM status. Once the problem is resolved, you will also receive an email confirming the SIM status change.
  • We made the file upload engine faster.
  • In multi-step creation flows (such as SIM order, creating new workflow automation, or sub-client), the progress bar displaying your progress is now sticky at the top of the page.
  • Adding a new user to the Sub-client now takes place on the overview page instead of directing to the dedicated sub-client page.





See all the coverage plan options


If you have 1oT eSIMs and the carrier profile has multiple network coverage plan options, you can now view all coverage options under specific data package.

This way you can see the network coverage in different countries and the corresponding network access technology. If you need to make changes or discuss something, all the information is now immediately available to you.

Improvements and fixes:

  • You can now create a new group using the group selector in the SIM table.
  • When ordering SIMs through the platform, you can write a longer note to the account manager if we need to know more about the order.



Updates to the navigation bar and SIMs view


We have made some updates to the navigation bar and SIMs view, which you might have noticed if you logged in to 1oT Terminal recently.

The navigation bar now features crispy, clear icons and is responsive to the browser size.

In July, we shared that we would be working on a redesign of the SIMs view page to make managing a growing number of SIM inventory easier and more intuitive. Although there is a lot of technical debt work and refactoring involved, we have already made some front-end adjustments.

First, look at this lovely scroll bar 🤩


We have also updated the background color for the SIMs view table to distinguish it from the rest of the page, changed the colour of borders.

In the coming weeks, we will be making more improvements to the SIMs view, so stay tuned!




Updated emails from 1oT

changelog_email update.png

We have listened to your feedback and improved our monthly email. You now have a better overview of the activity of your SIMs.

The update email now includes

  • a visual breakdown of the status of your SIMs,
  • a cost breakdown and a comparison with the previous month,
  • plus some fun facts about your global deployment.

Additionally, we have updated the layout and messaging of operational emails to make them more refined and easier to understand. This means you'll now receive more concrete and to-the-point emails.




Discover templates for Workflow Automation and KPI Reports


You can now see pre-made Workflow Automation rules and KPI Reports as templates when you subscribe to either app. The templates show what you can do with these apps and how to achieve your goals.

Improvements and fixes:

  • We've improved the content of activation emails. They now consider the permissions the user was assigned when they were invited to 1oT Terminal.
  • In the Analytics app, you can now view data usage and the cost of each data package.
  • We have updated the content of the eSIM compatibility test emails. They now include a simpler explanation of the errors when the test failed.
  • Now, all new users experience an onboarding process introducing SIM management features. Even those you invite after you have been a 1oT customer for 2 years.
  • The menu bar adjusts properly when you use Terminal on a smaller desktop screen.